Your checklist before setting off on holiday


It’s nearly time to forget all your worries and enjoy your holiday at last. To make sure you set off with total peace of mind, Yelloh! Village can offer a few tips.


Several months beforehand

So as to find the right campsite and type of accommodation, it’s best to book your holiday several months beforehand. If you’re looking to use a campervan or sleep in a tent, it’s also best to start getting things together quite early on so you don’t find yourself having to buy loads of things a few days before you leave. But if you still haven’t organised anything, you can always rely on the last-minute offers from Yelloh! Village!


A few weeks before you leave

The weeks before your holidays are always full of excitement. You should use them for planning activities that you really want to enjoy in the region, get yourself a guidebook and draw up a list of things to bring with you in your luggage. If you’re travelling by car, don’t forget to service it so you don’t have any problems on the way. This is also a good opportunity to check your camping equipment to avoid cracking up when you find there’s a hole in the inflatable mattress or a camping stove that doesn’t work! If you have plants to water or pets to feed, remember to arrange for a friend or neighbour to drop by regularly while you’re away. And finally, try to get your luggage ready a week beforehand so you don’t have to do it all in a rush, and remember to check the weather forecast so you can bring the right clothing.


The day before you leave

That’s it! In less than 24 hours you’ll finally be setting off on holiday. But before you jump in the car, here’s a final list of things to do:

  • Put an automatic out-of-office on your email and, if you want to avoid having an inbox full of adverts when you come back, unsubscribe from newsletters that come too often
  • Change your answerphone message to let callers know you are on holiday
  • Eat leftover food and empty the fridge to avoid nasty surprises when you get back
  • Remember to take your driving licence and associated paperwork
  • Fully charge your camera and empty its memory card if you want to keep your pictures
  •  Turn off the gas, water and electricity and unplug electrical items


Our villages have both pitches for tents, campervans and caravans, as well as accommodation options with all sorts of creature comforts, from cottages to quirky options. Have a look at all the options to find your perfect holiday accommodation!

So now all that’s left for you to do is lock the door behind you and get behind the wheel. Bon voyage!

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