Why is it that children just love holidays in the open air?


It’s a well-known fact that year after year children eagerly await the summer holidays! And what’s more, when it comes to spending their holidays in a campsite, they’re even keener to set off. But why is it that they love this type of accommodation so much?


1/ Facilities

Obviously, camping means aquatic parks, multisports grounds and games areas etc. So that means it’s a real paradise for kids! An afternoon spent in the water and hurtling down the waterslides is enough to make for some fantastic holiday memories.


2/ Entertainment and activities

Camping holidays also mean unforgettable times at the kids’ club. Organisers arrange activities to keep everyone happy, including tournaments, outings and handicrafts. Here, children just never get bored and it’s also the perfect place for them to make new friends!


3/ A new home for a few days

Staying in a campsite also means having a new home, a new bedroom and new neighbours for a few days. Whether you’re in a cottage, a chalet, a tent or a caravan, children love it! It’s all a real adventure for them!

So have we persuaded you? Then book your campsite stay straight away and make your kids really happy!

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