What’s a good way of choosing your campsite?


Setting off on a camping holiday means making sure you have a nice time, with all sorts of new things to enjoy right up close to nature, as long as you choose a suitable destination for your stay.

Campsites which have won awards: ensuring a great holiday

There are just so many different campsites, but some stand out more than others. And this applies to Yelloh! Village, which is a sure-fire hit not only with holidaymakers, but also with tourism professionals. The quality of their facilities, the comfort levels of their accommodation and the wide range of activities organised have resulted in several Yelloh! Village campsites winning awards. 6 villages have thus been named “Best Camping” 2016 and 21 others have been listed in the top 100 campsites in the Michelin Guide, including Le Brasilia, which is in the top 3. So you can see that you really can count on Yelloh! Village to make your camping holidays a truly unforgettable experience.

A perfect campsite for holidays with the family or with friends

Knowing how to choose the right campsite means not only checking the quality of the location in terms of environment, accommodation and facilities, but also ensuring that the entertainment and overall atmosphere of the village meet your expectations. For example, if you are looking for a holiday with the family, you should find a campsite which offers activities and facilities for younger visitors. To make the task easier for you, Yelloh! Village has the option of camping-villages with quite different atmospheres, so as to meet all your needs. So if you want to enjoy lots of activities with the family, or if you are looking to have some fun and have a good time with your friends, the Yelloh! Village Club campsites are the ones for you.

These campsites, featuring aquatic areas, a wide range of activities and festive atmospheres, mean you’ll have all you need to make sure your whole family or group of friends are really happy!



A dream camping-village for a peaceful stay with your partner

But not everyone shares the same desires! So if you’re looking for a romantic holiday with your other half, or just looking to recharge those batteries in a more peaceful setting, Yelloh! Village also has Authentic camping-villages available, which are well-known for their enchanting natural settings and their relaxed, laid-back atmospheres. Most of these also have spas and wellness centres for some real relaxation, which will let you forget about all your worries. These villages also emphasise local heritage, and invite you to serenely discover the regions’ fine food, culture and history, making your holidays both restful and rewarding!

And because holidays should be enjoyed by everyone, Yelloh! Village also has 11 VACAF- certified campsites to choose from.

Given the wide range of campsites on offer through Yelloh! Village, you won’t have any difficulty at all finding the campsite to best suit your requirements and budgets!



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