The 10 most unusual Yelloh! Village activities


Yelloh! Village campsites are the ultimate when it comes to great places to be, with all sorts of activities to choose from. So why not have a go at one of these ten unusual entertainment options?


  1. Archery
    Whether you’re testing your skill or being Robin Hood, why not have a go at archery? You’ll be able to compete with your friends at La Vallée, Le Pin Parasol or Punta Milà campsites!
  2. Graffiti
    If you’re travelling with teenagers and you want them to enjoy an activity that’s both artistic and fun, then look no further than the tagging and graffiti sessions at Le Fayolan village!
  3. Adventure trail
    Looking for an activity that’s a bit more energetic for the whole family? Then come and excel yourself with the adventure tree-climbing courses at the Port de Plaisance, L’Océan Breton or Le Château de la Forêt villages!
  4. Aerial getaways
    Some campsites, including Payrac Les Pins, offer the option of getting up a bit higher in a hot air balloon, or of having a go at paragliding. Will you dare take the plunge? 
  5. Adrenaline rushes
    Maybe you prefer being on terra firma but still want to enjoy some thrills and excitement? Then canyoning, caving or canoeing and kayaking may be the thing for you in the Gorges de l’Ardèche at Le Soleil Vivarais village!
  6. Watersports
    If you’re someone who thinks that there’s nothing like a sea trip for unwinding, then Les Grands Pins is the place for you! Here, you’ll be able to have surfing and diving lessons, and really take on those Atlantic waves!
  7. Windpower
    Looking for a more unusual activity? The Breton villages of Mané Guernehué and La Baie de Douarnenez are an opportunity for some sand yachting on the beaches of Morbihan and Finistère.
  8. Paintball
    Life-size role play that’s increasingly trendy; paintballing happens at Yelloh! Village too! Come and enjoy a truly unforgettable time with your friends at Le Château de la Forêt, Les Ramières and Le Talouch!
  9. Laser Gaming
    There’s nothing like a bit of Laser Gaming for rounding off the day! You’ll be able to enjoy evenings dedicated to this activity at Le Castel Rose village. Brilliant fun!
  10. Theme-based evenings
    What would Yelloh! Village really be without its night-time entertainment? Karaoke, foam parties, impromptu concerts and more! You’ve got the lot for enjoying a really great end to the day!


Whether you prefer a bit of peace and quiet or you’re more of a daredevil, whether you prefer to take to the air or stay on the ground, Yelloh! Village will always have the right activity for you.

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