Packing your suitcase for a stay with Yelloh! Village


That’s it, you’re on holiday! All you have to do is zip up those suitcases and you’re off! To help you, here’s a little list of things you shouldn’t forget.


The essentials

If you’re heading for a campsite, it means you’re looking to enjoy as much fresh air as possible. So you really should remember to pack the following:

  • good walking shoes for hiking and sandals for the beach
  • your toilet bag (toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, deodorant, hairbrush, cotton buds, nail scissors etc.) and bath towels
  • bedding if you are sleeping in a tent or camper (you can also rely on bed linen hire in most of our campsites)
  • sun protection (sun cream, sunglasses, hat etc.)
  • a first-aid kit for dealing with little scratches etc.
  • light clothing as well as some pullovers for cooler evenings
  • mosquito repellent
  • a raincoat, windcheater and an umbrella in case of bad weather
  • and swimwear for enjoying the beach and aquatic areas in our campsites!

If you forget something, you can always get by with the little shops which you’ll find in most of our villages.


Baby-on-board holidays

Yelloh! Village also welcomes little ones. Some of our campsites also have clubs for babies aged up to 4 years for your kids to enjoy. If you’re travelling with a baby, there are still a few things to remember:

  • Enough nappies
  • Bibs and baby wipes
  • Bottles and powdered milk
  • Baby food
  • Toys and comforters (two lots in case you lose them)


The little things that make all the difference

Teams at the various Yelloh! Village locations will always be there whatever you need, but it’s also useful to bring a few extra items with you to enjoy real comfort:

  • A cool box for keeping food and drink cold during your hikes or days at the beach
  • Cleaning products (washing up liquid, sponge, washing powder, bin bags etc.) so you don’t have to buy any while you’re here
  • Kitchen utensils: as well as cutlery and plates, don’t forget a lighter, kitchen knife and the essentials: can opener, bottle opener(s)
  • Board games and card games for the evenings


And if you haven’t yet booked your holiday? Don’t panic! Yelloh! Village can deal with last-minute bookings! Find your perfect place from all our locations!


Luggage packed? So here you are ready to set off on holiday. See you soon at Yelloh! Village!

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