Les Nuits des étoiles


What better opportunity could there be to sleep beneath the stars than Les Nuits des étoiles, which take place on 7th, 8th and 9th August 2015? Organised by, among others, France’s association of astronomy, Les Nuits des étoiles really is the perfect opportunity to go camping and sleep in the great outdoors: look at the shooting stars and make a vow!

A wonderful opportunity to sleep beneath the stars

Les Nuits des étoiles will be a hit with people who love their astronomy

 in the garden or make the most of it by setting off camping for a few days. And there are few nicer things than watching the sky whilst comfortably installed in a cocoon with a transparent roof! Or what about from the terrace of a cottage? Or how about from a cabin in the trees? Many of the Yelloh! Village campsites have quirky accommodation options available that are perfect for enjoying Les Nuits des étoiles… from your bed! They combine all the comfort of a bedroom with the pleasure of sleeping beneath the starry sky, which is a really magical experience.

And if you want to enjoy some of the free entertainment of Les Nuits des étoiles, remember that there’ll be something taking place virtually all over France. This is when you’ll be able to learn to recognise the stars and constellations, and you’ll be able to make use of telescopes and other things. A great time with the family that people of all ages will love. As a reminder, this event combines extravaganza with science, and is organised by professional astronomers as well as by amateur (but highly passionate!) ones!

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