Kite and Wind festival at Châtelaillon-Plage


In 2015, the Kite and Wind Festival of Châtelaillon-Plage will be taking place from 4th to 6th April, for a really relaxing break with your family. So book a few days in our campsite over the Easter weekend and come and explore the region: Charente-Maritime is a perfect place to visit during spring.

A festival that children will love

The Kite and Wind Festival of Châtelaillon-Plage really is the perfect event to enjoy during a weekend with the family. Totally magical and dreamlike, hundreds of kites will be wheeling about in the sky with the wind. Rokkaku battles (Japanese kites), giant kites, Jardins du Vent and night-time kite flying are opportunities for those taking part to prove their agility and dexterity.

Children will be really happy too, as an entire 200 m² village is here for them, where they’ll find kite decoration and kite making workshops, as well as lessons for learning to fly them. There are also other fun activities available for smaller children, including an Easter egg hunt and sweets dropped from the air!

A fantastic aerial display

There is all sorts of entertainment taking place during this very first festival of the season at Châtelaillon-Plage: the air force aerobatics team will be providing a fantastic display, whilst the whole family will love the Vol de Nuit sound and light show. You’ll also be able to see the kite jumpers, who will be demonstrating their imaginations and amazing you during these 3 days of elegance.

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