How to keep the kids busy when you’re off on holiday


Setting off on holiday with the family will always end up as a source of many memories, but before you reach your destination, the road can be a long one! So here are a few tips to keep the kids busy in the car.


Things you just MUST take in the car

“Mum, are we there yet?”. When they have to sit quietly in the car, children get impatient quickly. To stop them asking the same question every five minutes, the secret is to make the journey full of fun. To do so, remember to take a few books, activity folders by age group, mini board games, a tablet for watching films or cartoons and those vital video games. But make sure you don’t allow smaller children to stare at screens for hours and hours, as they may get even more frustrated. And to make sure the journey is a good-tempered one, don’t forget to bring several CDs, whether these are nursery rhymes for children or the latest album by their favourite singer. And for older children why not just get them to play at naming the singer?


Games with the family

Whoever was it who said car journeys can be boring?! Use the long hours on the road to have some fun with the children by thinking up some riddles, playing a game in which you cannot say yes or no, or starting off some competitions, such as guessing the colour of the next car to go past, finding the most cars of the same colour or (in France) identifying number plates from the same region in a certain time, or how about the game in which you see who can stay silent for the longest time?! Older children, meanwhile, can try to guess which region or country the car in front comes from. You can also invent games by drawing your inspiration from your surroundings, such as looking for particular cloud shapes. Just let your imagination run riot!


Allow for stopoffs

Just as it is vital for drivers to have regular breaks, stopoffs while on the motorway are vital for allowing your kids to stretch their legs and use the toilets (make them go even if they don’t want to, so as to avoid having to stop again 15 minutes later). This is also the time to get out the picnic or snacks and to feel as though you’re already on holiday. And after these reinvigorating stopoffs, you’re bound to be allowed an hour’s peace!

When you reach your Yelloh! Village campsite, you’ll no longer have to worry about what to do with the children. From our aquatic areas to our activities that are specially designed for younger visitors, they’ll have all they need to let off some steam!

We hope that these few tips will help your little ones find time passes faster. And if they get grouchy, tell them about what lies in store for them at Yelloh! Village!

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