Camping on a pitch: freedom above all!


Totally authentic holidays! Here, you’ve got nothing beyond what you need, and just the essential things: when you choose to stay on a camping pitch, you’ll be getting back to the very essence of camping!


The original essence of camping lies this way!

Waking up with the nature, the birdsong and the scent of the pine trees: this is what awaits you when you choose to camp on a pitch! There’s really nothing better for experiencing an adventure off the beaten track as a way of getting away from it all.


Holidays that are right up close to nature

You really don’t need anything more than nature for enjoying some unforgettable times together! With a camping pitch, you’ll feel like real explorers in the heart of some truly amazing landscapes!


Enjoy your time here at your own pace, doing just what you feel like doing!

Holidaying in a tent means freedom! Set up where you wish, enjoy your time at your own pace and forget about your day-to-day worries. Throughout your stay, try a new kind of lifestyle, combining the nomadic with comfort! Find out about the pitches which also have electricity and water supplies!


Upmarket facilities for truly unforgettable stays!

Choosing a pitch in a Yelloh! Village campsite and setting up your tent, caravan or campervan here means you can be sure of enjoying everything that goes towards sealing the great reputation of Yelloh! Village campsites, with upmarket facilities, an amazing environment and carefully thought-out décor. And that’s without even mentioning the à la carte services and aquatic parks!

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