Best Things to do in Baie de Somme


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Just 90 minutes from Calais lies one of France’s best kept secrets. The sleepy, picturesque area around Baie du Somme is relatively undiscovered – especially by Brits – and it’s the perfect spot to experience a real slice of authentic France, as well as some truly breath taking nature.

Situated just outside of Le Crotoy, the Yelloh! Village campsite of Le Ridin is in the perfect setting to discover the Baie de Somme. These are some of the top things to do around the area…

Le Crotoy Baie de Somme France

Ride a Bike

With dozens of bike lanes, cycle tracks, and signposted routes, the Baie du Somme is the perfect place for cyclists of all levels. Grab a map and explore at your own pace!


My older sister recently stayed at Camping Le Ridin in Le Crotoy, and her family had an amazing time. Next time they head back, I’ll definitely be joining them. With a pool, jacuzzi and quiet, leafy grounds surrounded, relaxing couldn’t be easier.

Wildlife Spotting

The 260-hectare Parc du Marquenterre is a bird watcher’s dream. This park, filled with dunes, marshes, and ponds, is a popular stopover point for birds migrating between Siberia and Africa. Even if you’re not much of a twitcher, the beauty of the park makes it a great day out. And in the bay itself you’ll find even more wildlife, including the largest colony of seals in the north of France.

Le Crotoy

Once one of the largest fishing ports along the northern coast of France, Le Crotoy is a colourful and charming little port town. Small fishing boats bob in the harbour, and locally sourced seafood abounds at the twice-weekly market

Le Crotoy Baie de Somme France.


All cobbled streets and crooked buildings, the medieval town of St-Valéry-sur-Somme is easily one of the highlights of the area. From the colourful fisherman’s houses in the sailor’s quarter, to the imposing Harold Towers and the crumbling ancient city walls, the town is rich with history and makes a great day out.

Observe the Tides

The changing tides at Baie de Somme are a breathtaking natural phenomenon, with the second highest tidal range in Europe. During low tide, the sea all but disappears into the distance, and it’s possible to walk directly across the bay. But at high tide, the water level comes right up the sea walls, soaking the rich salt marshes around the bay.

Get Eating

With one of the most exceptional cuisines in all of Europe, you can’t go to France without falling in love with the food. Around Baie du Somme, local delicacies naturally include a great range of seafood, like muscles and brown shrimps. But the star of the show is locally reared salt marsh lamb, raised in marshes which are covered by the sea several times a year.

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