5 tips for taking great holiday photos


For a little while now, holiday photos have been vital things on social networks! With Facebook, Instagram and Flickr, everyone wants to share their snaps! So it’s important to stand out from the photographic competition and become an expert, so as to increase your views and likes! So here are 5 tips to remember when you take your next ones:

1/ Get off the beaten track

It’s a fact that most tourists take photographs of the same places, ie. the tourist attractions with lots of visitors. So think about standing out by looking for unusual locations. Having said that, if you still want to photograph Mont Saint Michel or the Pyla sand dune, you can always use our other tips!

2/ Remember light

Except for sunsets and sunrises, don’t forget that light is very important for taking photos, especially at the height of summer! So make sure you face away from the sun to achieve colour-filled photos and to avoid backlit ones!

3/ Choose your shot

With low-angle shots, panoramas and underwater photos to choose from, don’t forget to vary your shots! Don’t wait for people to move out of shot before you start taking photos, as this will make them more lively!

4/ Take your time

It’s vital to take your time; don’t hurry by taking only one photo. Take several, and this will mean you’re bound to have taken THE great photo!

5/ Touch up your shots

Don’t forget to touch up your snaps either, before putting them online. With vintage, light, contrast and sharpness to think about, it’s up to you to play around with the various tools available from Instagram and other applications.

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