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You’re off on holiday! You just can’t wait to have a break from the daily grind! But it’s really difficult to just let go! Going on holiday requires organisation, especially when you’re taking your family with you. But don’t worry, we’re here to help! From start to finish, we’ll be able to assist and advise you for an altogether successful holiday!

Child safety of swimming and bathing in sea : happy children on beach

Children’s safety during your seaside holiday

During your holiday by the sea, above all the whole family wants to relax, enjoy the sunshine and build sandcastles! To make sure you have a trouble-free stay, ...

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Holiday : where to go in May

Weekends : where to go in May?

Every year, parents and children in France look forward to the long weekends in May. And this year is no exception, but you may be lacking inspiration!

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Travel accessories and camping equipment : volkswagen tent minivan

Indispensable travel accessories

Whether you're travelling by car or by air, certain travel accessories can be very useful to ensure a calm journey, while others are totally indispensable due to their practicality.

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Holiday relaxation : relaxing massage

How to let go on holiday?

It can be impossible to relax when you set off on holiday! With outings and meals to organise, as well as checking your e-mails by phone, you just can't let go!

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