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You’re off on holiday! You just can’t wait to have a break from the daily grind! But it’s really difficult to just let go! Going on holiday requires organisation, especially when you’re taking your family with you. But don’t worry, we’re here to help! From start to finish, we’ll be able to assist and advise you for an altogether successful holiday!

Camping equipment : minivan and tent

All the accessories you’ll need for a camping holiday

If you're camping in a tent, we don't need to point out that you shouldn't forget it (the tent!). A few days before you leave, carry out a check to make sure you've got everything: tent pegs, mallet, sleeping bags, ...

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Reduce your fuel consumption on holiday : cars driving near mountains

Reduce your fuel consumption on holiday

Setting off on holiday often means driving a long way. This year, why not try eco-driving to reduce your fuel consumption? As well as saving fuel, you can enjoy a more flexible driving experience and really enjoy just letting go on holiday!

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Glamping: a new way of experiencing your holiday

Glamping is a new trend that more than a few people will just love, and it hits all the right buttons! A combination of the words glamour and camping, glamping enables you to take ...

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Jellyfish in ocean

Jellyfish stings: what to do and how to deal with them

In the sea, even if you are paying close attention to the safety of your children, it can sometimes be very difficult to avoid jellyfish due to their large numbers during summer. Here ...

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Mosquito on skin

Mosquito repellents: products and natural remedies

Summer is here at last! And this means sunshine, holidays, games in the campsite pool and... mosquitoes! Even though you didn't invite them, they're very likely to turn up! So as not to combine relaxation with itching, here are a few tips to deal with these night-time ...

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Young woman tanning

Suntans and skin protection

Now that the fine weather has arrived and with the summer holidays approaching, the desire to relax on the beach suddenly hits us! Whilst a few decades ago, roasting yourself in the sunshine was the trendy thing to do, getting a suntan these days involves ...

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Dog on holiday in front of trees and blue sky

Taking your dog with you on holiday

Whatever their name, our dogs often form an integral part of the family, which is why some people wouldn't dream of setting off on holiday without their faithful friend! To make sure your seaside holiday is a really lovely one, here are some ...

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teenagers on holiday playing volleyball

A great holiday with teenagers

This year, the prospect of family holidays is causing you a bit of concern, as your son or daughter has really grown up and is now a teenager! A long way from home, ...

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Rain on holidays : what to do

How to cope with holidays in the rain!

So since your camping holiday began there's been nothing to do, as the weather is awful! No need for swimwear, walking boots or parasol: it's pouring! So what can you do to prevent your family holiday ...

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Countryside holidays : family on porch of cottage

Countryside holidays: rethinking your priorities!

So this year you've decided to go for a countryside holiday so as to enjoy the surrounding greenery. Staying in a campsite, you'll be able to recharge those batteries and stop ...

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